She shared a new tool into the center but it was teeth in Vietnam

She shared a new tool into the center but it was teeth in Vietnam , braces, dental crowns veneer teeth, teeth whitening, smile implantation process for high blood pressure patients.  Temporary restoration during healing After implants are implanted, the patient will need a period of 1-3 months for the implant to completely connect to the bone, and then to complete the dental implant.  During this time the dentist will use plastic temporary teeth to support the customer. With the exception of a few issues, the dentist will have temporary teeth available after inserting the implant for each patient. Although life expectancy is not as high as implants. But it will still be long if you have good dental care. Once conditions are right we should quickly see a doctor for dental implant.

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What is the pain after implanting a tooth? cấy răng implant

Pain after planting is a common phenomenon in many cases. Typically, this condition can be divided into two stages and based on the specific stage in which the dentist can provide accurate diagnosis:

Stage 1 (pain after tooth decay for 1 to 5 days): This can be considered normal because dental implantation, especially fixed methods, usually requires action on the gums, jawbone or real teeth. After growing the teeth, the anesthetics slowly dissolve and are no longer effective, leading to continued pain.

The pain of tooth decay at this stage will last for 1 to 5 days, or for more than 7 days, depending on the location of each person. cấy ghép implant ở đâu tốt nhất

– Stage 2 (pain when growing teeth over 7 days): This situation seems more serious because the wound heal naturally and gradually decrease. But if you still feel pain after 7 days, you should see a doctor immediately to get a diagnosis.

Usually, the cause of toothache after 7 days can be due to: Saigon Vietnam dental implants

– Oral disease has not been thoroughly treated before planting, resulting in the disease continues to grow and cause pain.

– Failure in the process of planting teeth: If the porcelain bridges can be too much grinding teeth, causing sensitivity, if implant implants may be due to location is not accurate.

– After planting, patients do not care, oral hygiene under the guidance of the dentist, resulting in infection. vietnam dentist prices