when going back to live teeth in Vietnam

when going back to live  teeth in Vietnam,chemical tooth erosion are two types of injury, in which the outer part of the tooth tissue, or enamel, is worn. Sometimes it also damages the tooth tissue deeper. Misalignment of teeth caused by dental rubbing. Chemo-chemical erosion is caused by chemicals, typically acids. Usually acid is present in orange juice, lemon juice, mineral water, carbonated soft drinks or other foods. Gastric reflux into the mouth can also cause tooth erosion. Even regular contact with chlorine and other chemicals in the pool can lead to this. In addition, any medicine that has an acidic pH, such as chewable vitamin C tablets, chewable aspirin tablets, can also cause tooth erosion with regular contact with the tooth surface.

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Bacteria use sugar to form plaque, they ferment the sugar creating acid, eroding the inorganic substances in the enamel and dentin causing tooth decay.

The teeth are also corroded by the acid environment in the mouth, which is not present in bacteria. This is the process of losing the hard tissue of the teeth (enamel, dentin) progressively irreversible. The hard tissue of the tooth is chemically abrasive from the tooth surface due to the acid present in the mouth. vietnam dentist prices

The acids in the diet include citric, phospholic, ascorbic, malic, tartaric, carbonic, which are found in many fruits and fruit juices, vinegar and carbonated beverages. Many studies show that people often drink fruit juice, carbonated drinks, eat pickles, pickles, sour fruits such as citrus, citrus, banana, tamarind increasingly heavy.

Sweeteners are one of the main causes of tooth decay in children, when sweetened foods enter the oral cavity. The bacteria that are present in the oral cavity dissolve the food that forms lactic acid, if not cleaned. This acid will stick to the surface of the teeth and erode the enamel that leads to cavities and gingivitis, inflammation around the teeth. Therefore, the need for children today is to maintain good oral hygiene. Toothpaste with toothpaste prevents acid from the sugar and restricts sweet foods. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Children often brush their teeth not as often as adults do not brush regularly, causing the bacteria or plaque formation on the tooth surface of the child for a long time causing children to fall color. Sweet diet, eat more sweets, eat many times a day, the food contains sweeteners into the oral cavity bacteria available in the oral cavity will decompose the food that forms lactic acid, the negligible sanitation Bad oral hygiene or improper tooth brushing of this acid will adhere to the surface causing tooth decay. Therefore, children should drink sugared drinks after brushing. Drinking fresh water before going to bed, after brushing teeth will cause tooth decay and tooth decay. cấy ghép implant ở đâu tốt nhất

In my opinion, children should not eat more sugar, especially bread, candy, … because it is not good for oral health. Candies, after eating, do not brush properly and properly, the sugar will stick to the surface of the teeth and nodes, the teeth, … and gradually will destroy the protective enamel The teeth, which cause the worm will be more and more heavy. So, in my opinion, it is possible for your child to eat sweeteners, but please remind your baby to clean or brush your teeth after eating. I always remind my children that drinking water (or gargling) after eating something, will keep your teeth from getting clingy, causing tooth decay. And above all, teach your children that sweets are harmful to your teeth, both to your health and to the risk of weight gain, obesity … so that your child will be aware of his health.

Eating too many sugary and starchy foods will create opportunities for harmful bacteria to proliferate, absorb and digest sugar. They then turn the sugar into organic acids that attack the enamel, leading to faster tooth enamel destruction and possibly you will get decayed at any time without knowing it. cấy răng implant