According to a source, has moved for nearly million teeth in Vietnam

According to a source, has moved for nearly million teeth in Vietnam , you have to keep the toothbrush from spitting like that. Porcelain teeth made of metal are often believed to have been used for a long time and have high durability and heat resistance.  Possessing the same structure as ordinary metal teeth, the inside will be covered with a small amount of titanium in addition, after the consumption period. When they will be around 26 The energy consists of incisors or home teeth that will often grow out of the mouth when these are already mature and are often precious gifts. How big is the elephant’s tooth?  Wild animal hunters always come. In addition, they will have about 12 premolars and also 12 molars to help them crush food and weeds or plants. Each tooth so they have extremely large size each tooth has a weight to about 5 kg.

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Teeth worn and indirectly damaged when exposed to porcelain teeth is too hard

When the true crown is overload due to inappropriate dental design, the teeth will quickly weaken, swing and then not hold. cấy răng implant

This is most common when making porcelain bridges: because when making porcelain bridges, the number of real teeth is less, but must shoulder function for more teeth, so it will overload. In particular, the longer the tooth loss, the greater the force on the bridge missing teeth, the more the tooth the actual tooth was grinding as the bridge pier, the faster the overload and shaken. Therefore, when designing porcelain bridges, physicians need to properly calculate the ability of the bridge to carry the lost teeth, and the bridge should be carefully calculated. This section will be discussed in the article choosing a bridge or implant?

Many people just pay attention to the teeth will be coated porcelain, without paying attention to the real teeth exposed porcelain teeth when eating chewing.

If the dental porcelain is too hard, it will quickly erode the real teeth, damaging the real teeth. cấy ghép implant ở đâu tốt nhất

Too hard porcelain teeth also reduce the feeling of chewing, or cause chewing feelings.

Having a hard dental porcelain for a permanent warranty is not a difficult task, but then it can damage the actual teeth that come in contact with it quickly.

So, you should choose the porcelain teeth hardness consistent with the sense of chewing, matching the teeth around in your mouth. If a porcelain tooth is broken inadvertently bite hard, the doctor can easily remedy the porcelain teeth alone. In contrast, if your real teeth are worn, broken, broken, then you will need to solve both problems: the dental porcelain that broke your real teeth, and the real teeth that you have dental porcelain teeth broken tank. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Teeth difficult to clean due to porcelain teeth in the wrong way:

Ideally, the porcelain teeth that surround the actual teeth should have the proper thickness and fit closely to the real teeth that have been polished.

Too thick porcelain teeth are easy to put food into the bottom of the tooth, you cannot clean the tooth roots will be damaged by plaque, plaque, bacteria. The first symptom you notice is the smell from the porcelain teeth. If the food is inserted between the teeth and porcelain teeth, you risk damage both teeth.

High-porcelain porcelain will minimize the possibility of breakage and can be guaranteed for a very long time. But the important thing in this situation is not the existence of porcelain teeth, but your real teeth. If the tooth is damaged and gone, the existence of the porcelain tooth is no longer meaningful. vietnam dentist prices